Social Media Marketing Tips

New Features and Updates 2024

We make improvements every day and release new features regularly. All issues will be fixed ASAP. 
We are licensed with the most advanced AI technology, which can analyze and understand the context and meaning of your keywords, and generate content optimized for your social pages and blogs. 

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New Features and Updates 2023

The spotlight is on Artificial Intelligence. We have unveiled a plethora of AI-driven features designed to revolutionize content marketing. These innovative tools empower bloggers and social media managers with the ability to effortlessly generate and automate content posting, thereby streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.

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New Features and Updates 2019 - 2022

We released an improvement for the Content Generator feature that allows users to automatically load full-text content from webpages in all languages. In the previous year, our software provided you with a lot more search results when searching news feeds and added a new batch action to change the social networks that scheduled posts will be posted to. We also introduced the ability to search Instagram influencers, added new features to its popup campaign builder, and made performance improvements that increased posting speed by 50%.

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Combine Multiple Social Posts Into A Blog Article

Fan Page Robot can automatically combine multiple social media posts, images, videos, news, and more into one article. The tool auto-discovers content and autoposts it to your Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress site for you.

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New Features and Updates 2018

We added the ability to post to Google My Business and adapted to Facebook's policy changes. The content generator and search engine also improved, providing nearly three times more search results for viral images from social media. Users can also use more customizations in the dashboard settings.

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How to Create a Viral Website and Earn Passive Income using Fan Page Robot

We're going to share a strategy that will help you create a lucrative website and earn passive income. With a little budget in place and focus with our system, this strategy is going to give you a handsome amount every day.

Taking it on serious notes, making things automated and keeping it consistent will definitely pay you back.

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How to Get Your Facebook Page on Google's Page #1

Some simple and essential tips and tactics will get your Facebook page to the top most position in Google.

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New Features and Updates 2017

Our social media management tool introduced several new features, including better hashtag auto-generation, the ability to save frequently used text, bulk addition of posts to the queue, and automatic retrieval of images from links.

We also expanded its Boost Likes services to include Facebook ad post "Likes" and reactions, as well as Pinterest and Tumblr, and introduced an image editor that allows for post-processing of images with layers and customizable filtering effects.

Additionally, the tool now allows for autoposting to Shopify blogs and improved SEO for Shopify stores.

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New Features and Updates 2016

New features include Auto Post to Instagram, buy real Facebook likes, followers, and similarly, the highest quality YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest followers, views and even comments at the lowest possible price. 

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8 Ways to Increase Revenue using the Fan Page Robot Campaign Builder

Imagine this: you can advertise your products and generate leads on any YouTube channels, or any Yahoo news articles for FREE.

Only at Fan Page Robot, you can convert any links and web pages, such as a YouTube video and a Yahoo news page, into your advertising pages or lead pages.​

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Why Should You Use Facebook (and Instagram) For Your Business?

The simple fact is that the Facebook family, including and Instagram, has more active users than ALL other social networks combined.

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Social Media Autopost Guide: 7 Almighty Keywords To Rock Your Content

Are you still struggling to discover what topics you should share and what keywords you should enter in the autopost generator? Are you looking for an easy way to get more shares and likes for your social media posts?

In this article, we are going to share 7 almighty keywords to help you discover the most engaging content and brainstorm new ideas.

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When You Should and Should NOT Buy Social Media Likes, Followers and Video Views

We always strive to provide you the most genuine and cheap Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Youtube views, subscribers, etc. but there are certain situations for which buying likes/followers will not bring the desired results to you.

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Maximum Posts Per Day for Social Networks and Blogs

73% social media users have unliked brands because brands posted to frequently. 

We recommend that less is more. Use Fan Page Robot to curate better content and set the best number of maximum posts per day for autoposting.  

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Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media [Infographic]

A compilation of the research data about the best and the worst times to post content on various social networks and microblogs: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram. 

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New Features and Updates 2015

Calendar View for Better Social Media Content Management, Automatically Fetch HD Video from Web Page and Post it to Facebook, Lead Generation, etc.

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The Secret of Social Media Marketing

Most of businesses lack the knowledge to run their profiles for the best results, they don't know what to post, when to post, or how to use social media for the best results, and that is what you are learning here. 

This article covers the most important parts of what you can do with social media. It is set up to help you see how valuable social media is, and to give you the knowledge to provide the best presence for your followers.

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Tips for Discovering a Perfect Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant creates the liaison with the public to extend the goodwill of the organization to approach at every corner of the world within seconds. He/She is titled so to model the positive image of the organization by highlighting the pros at large.

Mostly, social media consulting is an extensive job which is enriched in designing the attractive advertisements and other product promotions campaigns to ground the encouraging reputation in the eyes of visitors.

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