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September - October: Instagram Updates & Search By Countries

A lot of improvements have been made on the system. We have updated our Instagram posting system. It now allows you to have line breaks in your Instagram posts, although the Instagram official mobile app still doesn't allow you to start new paragraphs by default.

Fan Page Robot now has a better localization support when you generate News & Articles content. You can specify a country or region by adding a particular location:xx to your keywords. Learn More about how to use this feature here


June 15: Boost Likes

Fan Page Robot enables you to easily buy real Facebook likes, followers, and similarly, the highest quality YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ followers, views and even comments at the lowest possible price.

Moreover, our system offers every service through an extremely easy process (that you cannot find anywhere else).

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buy likes


April 29: Auto Post to Instagram

Instagram automation has become an indispensable part of social media marketing. Your marketing strategy must incorporate this automation to perk up your business with potentials sales.

You can schedule your Instagram posts and auto post to your Instagram accounts without your smart phone or the mobile app at Fan Page Robot. 


April 20: Auto Post to Facebook Groups and More Pages 

Happy 420! We're excited to announce that Fan Page Robot has a couple of new features. 

It can now support Auto post to Facebook Groups that you are an admin of. Simply click on the 'Add Facebook Groups' button at the bottom of your fan page list. It will direct you to a Facebook authorization screen. Click on "Ok" to allow Fan Page Robot to manage your groups.

Moreover, you can cross-post to dashboards of different fan pages or groups. Simply click on the "Post to More Fan Pages" appearing on the message box and select the dashboards and networks.
auto post to Facebook groups

March 31: Teamwork & Subaccount 

The teamwork feature is now available for all users. It will allow you to 

  • add another Facebook account to be managed by Fan Page Robot
  • have a new Fan Page Robot account for your client and manage his/her social media accounts without asking for any login credentials
  • have a new Fan Page Robot account for your coworker or assistant and ask him/her to submit posts for review before posting

All the features of Fan Page Robot are available with no additional fees, except when you create a new account. A subaccount has the same functions as a regular account and can be converted into a regular account any time, so they have the same pricing structure.

Learn more about teamwork/subaccount 


March 1: Enhanced Facebook Pages Search 

Enter your keywords in the Content Generator, and click on the "Influencers" button. In addition to a list of the top Twitter influencers, Fan Page Robot now shows you the most popular fanpages on Facebook based on your keywords. The results are sorted by page likes by default.

This comes really handy when you want to research your competitors, find good sources of viral content, discover local businesses (phone numbers listed), find the top influencers in your niche, etc. 

Our future development plans for this tool include: 
1. load a preview of the fanpage content instantly;
2. allow you to export the data to an Excel file;
3. add more useful metrics for your competitor/influencer research.


February 22: More Beautiful Campaign Templates & Multiple Other Features

  1. More beautiful campaign templates have been added to our campaign system. Now we have about 100 high-converting templates for you to build your social media or website compaigns within a few minutes!
    high converting lead generation templates
  2. A PhotoShop-like pixel ruler is added to the campaign designer for your precise design.
  3. The likes/shares filter was only available for the global social media content search before. Now it is also available for Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also see the available likes or favorites of a Facebook page and Twitter account when you load the content.

  4. When you search feed/pages (enter your keywords and then click on "Search/Load Page"), Facebook pages are now included in the search results and showed on the top. It will help you find the best Facebook pages on your keywords.

  5. "Shorten the content text to no more than___" allows you to enter 0. When it is 0, the original message will be removed. 

  6. When your tweet is too long, the Robot will automatically shorten the text for you without removing your links and image. 

  7. Tweets are further optimized. 

  8. When you make a Facebook link post and also post it to other blog/social media platforms, the Robot will automatically upload a large image from the link if you don't provide an image or your image is smaller than 150px*150px. 


February 2: Combine Multiple Posts Into A Blog Article

A new option is added to the Content Mixer. Now it can automatically combine multiple social media posts, images, videos, news and more into one article when it auto-discovers content and autoposts to Blogger, Tumblr, or your Wordpress site for you. Learn More..


January 1: New Settings in Content Mixer

Happy New Year everyone! Based on our user feedback, we added a few new options to Autopost Settings, so you can easily curate better content for your social media pages:
  1. Schedule no more than __ posts/day
    This setting is useful when you would like to ensure other content sources get posted before a fanpage reaches the "Maximum Posts Per Day for AutoSchedule" limit. 
  2. Content Type Filter: do NOT show/post content that...
    This setting is available for the website feed content only, as other types of content sources don't need this filter. 
  3. Shorten the content text to no more than ___ words



November 24: Calendar View for Better Social Media Content Management

View and manage your social posts by day, week or month in a beautiful calendar view! Reschedule and duplicate your posts by drag-and-drop!

social media content management

Hovering your mouse on a post lets you preview the content. You can click on any date/time slot on the calendar to create and schedule a new post. Drag and drop a published post to a future time slot to duplicate and auto-schedule the post. Drag and drop a pending post to a future time slot to reschedule it.

Different types of posts are showed in different border or background colors:

social media management calendar view


November 2: Automatically Fetch HD Video from Web Page and Post it to Facebook

Video marketing on Facebook is an amazing way to increase user engagement, drive traffic and generate tons of leads/sales for your business. According to Search Engine Journal, "Facebook videos reach 2 times more people, receive 2.38 times more likes, 2.67 times more shares, and 7.43 times more comments than YouTube embeds." 

Now with Fan Page Robot, you can fetch any video from a web page (not just YouTube) and get it ready for Facebook with just one click.

First, enter a video page URL (or use the Video Search feature to generate video content). We support pretty much any major social media, video or news sites, such as YouTube, Twitter/Vine, Facebook, CNN, Yahoo, Imgur, IMDB, Sound Cloud, Udemy, College Humor, 9gag, etc.

Then click on the video icon next to the URL input box. 

Auto post to Facebook

As long as the webpage has a video, the Robot can fetch it and convert it to a native Facebook video with the best available quality when you publish the post to Facebook.  

WARNING: Use this feature responsibly. DO NOT post any copyrighted videos, or your page will be suspended by Facebook. 


October 2: Publish posts from your inbox

After you enable the "Notify Me" option in Content Mixer, we'll notify you by email when hot, new content is available. Now you can directly publish content from the notification email.

auto post content from inbox


August 6: We have a blog -- Social Media Marketing Tips!

This blog serves as a knowledge base for our users. We're going to have the most successful social media experts to write case studies, best practices, tips and tricks on social media marketing and auto posting software. 

The content will focus on what works and what doesn't in the social media management field.


April 20: Campaign Builder for Lead Generation

Announcing a very exciting new module: Campaign Builder.

When you share an article link created with a Campaign, your followers will see the post as usual:

Facebook autoposter free

But after they click on your link, instead of reading the article immediately, they will see your ad or subscription form first.

Facebook campaign software for business

Facebook autoposter campaign


There are many stunning templates you can choose from to create your high-converting advertising and lead generation campaigns. A simple yet very powerful WYSIWYG ad builder is available for you to customize them and make them look like what you want within a few minutes! 

After creating your campaign, the Robot can automatically turn all the links you will be sharing into your campaigns! A traffic report is also available for every link you've shared.

Autoposter Campaign reports

And yes, autoresponder is supported. The subscription form is integrated with 10 major email marketing programs: AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, ActiveCampaign, Interspire and Sendy.

There are a lot of other features that you can find within the Campaign Builder! Just try it out and you will love it!


March 16: Ability to Automatically Load Full-Text Content from Webpages

While we're busy working on a new lead generation feature, we’ve recently released some improvements on the existing features. 

With the Content Generator on Fan Page Robot, now you can enter the URL of an article and it will extract the main article from the webpage. If you enter the URL of a category page or homepage of a website, the Robot will find the latest articles on the page, go to each of them, and extract the full-content from the articles. The full content the Robot loads for you is ad-free and well-formatted.

It works for all languages.

Use Cases

1. Autopost Content From A Category

When you want to share multiple articles from a category, or want Fan Page Robot to notify you or autopost the articles from the category once it has new updates, you can enter the URL of the category page, e.g. The Robot will try to load the summary feed (default feed) that is provided by the website first. Then you can choose to load the full-content feed which is generated by the Robot. 

content auto post software

2. Post Full-Text Content From A Single Article

When you read about an article, you want to post the whole article to your blogs and social media sites without doing any copying-and-pasting or uploading pictures. Enter the URL of the article you want to share, hit the Search/Load Webpages button, and then you will see this:

article auto poster software

3. Load Rich Content From Feed

When you load a website feed, but the feed doesn't provide have any pictures:


auto posting feed content curation

then you can click on the "Load Full-text Content" button. This is what you will see:


social media content auto poster

4. Autopost The Content From A Social Media Page

This isn't news, but we just want to make sure you know that the Robot can always load content from any public social media pages, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube Channel, etc. . 


February 12: Ability to Add A Watermark to Pictures

Now you can automatically add a text watermark to every picture (except gif) you post. You can turn it on in Settings for each fan page you have. Just be sure you have the right to reuse and modify the images that you're going to use. 

facebook autoposter

social media autoposter

The text supports multiple languages and special symbols. More symbols here.

If you're using the Autopost feature in Content Mixer, you will need to check "Add Watermark" to turn this feature on for the content source that you're using.

twitter autoposter , google plus autoposter software


January 30: LinkedIn integration

We're excited to announce that Fan Page Robot now is also a LinkedIn autoposter. You can publish your content to your LinkedIn profile or your company page from our message box or in Content Mixer. You can turn this feature on in Settings and connect different LinkedIn accounts to different fan pages.

Linkedin autoposter

by Brantley Gilbert (Social Media Expert) on September 7, 2016
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