Social Media Marketing Tips
New Features and Updates 2018


December: Post to Google My Business

You can now post to Google My Business from our platform. Connect your Google account in Settings. 

Use these Google Posts to promote your products and services in organic results pages like below:

google my business


July - August: Facebook Changes

Facebook announced a series of updates on their platform policy in the past couple of months. Our app has been updated to adapt these changes:

1. Facebook no longer allows third-party apps to post to your personal wall. 
2. Automatically generated content is no longer allowed on Facebook (pages and groups). 


March: Three Times More Search Results

When you search for viral images, our search engine will now deliver nearly three times more search results than before from social media. 

Additionally, you can customize your preferred date format in the dashboard Settings. 

by Brantley Gilbert (Social Media Expert) on December 22, 2018
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