How to Get 1000 Likes on Facebook Using Only 10 Minutes Per Day

Social media is all about relationships, it's a way to connect with your fanbase (customers), engage with them, and if all goes well, increase your bottom line. While it isn't always easy to find the time to be present in social media, if done correctly, it’s worth it. So, let me tell you some of the quick ways on how to get 1000 facebook likes using only 10 minutes per day.

Ways by which you can get 1000 facebook likes while spending only 10 minutes out of your busy schedule per day. 


Follow Many Related Pages and get 1000 Facebook likes soon

When using facebook as a page you can like any other page on facebook. When you do like another page, it will show up in your fanpage's newsfeed. One of the first things I do when I take on a client is start liking several related pages, competitors, news sites for their industry, and blogs. 

Here's why:

• Easiest way to stay on top of industry news
• Easy to share posts from their to your fanpage wall
• Make comments on other pages' updates to be part of the conversation

This activity might require from you a couple of moments of your day but in the end you’re sure to get your 1000 facebook likes pretty soon if you keep on going this tactic.  


Comment on Other Pages & Their Fans' Posts by using an Auto Poster

When you comment on other pages' updates you are doing two things: 

1. becoming part of the conversation
2. increasing exposure

When you comment, all of their readers interested in that post will see your name and comment, if it is helpful and related to the industry, you can pick up more fans for your own page. 

When you visit popular industry pages and respond to the posts made by their fans you are doing the same thing. 

If you see they have posts from fans every hour, you know they are getting a lot more traffic than that 1 post and again, you increase exposure of your own fanpage and likes. What is more worthwhile is that you can achive success in this tactics just by using an auto poster on your behalf such as Fan Page Robot which will defiantly turn out to be a great solution for your social media needs. 


Use Google Alerts & Feed Reader and give exposure to your Social Media Page

Get emails once a day on the most important keywords to your industry, then you can simply share those stories with your fanpage. Social media's today are all about what's trending hot around the globe and it is exactly the place where there is always a rush hour of folks pouring out their thoughts and sharing them on their social media pages. 

So, in order to be in this race, you have to figure out what keywords are most important to your fans and Google will send new links for those keywords, these will be news links, blog links, and other web results.

Subscribe to blogs in your industry with feed reader, and easily share these posts with your fanpage. Usually there is an orange icon you can click on and if you use Google reader (very simple) you can categorize your blogs if you are in different industries. 


Have Conversations and Increase your Facebook Fans

When you get fans to respond to your posts, your updates will stay in their newsfeeds more often. 

If they do not like, comment or share your updates regularly, you will eventually get beaten out by the fanpages that do get their interaction and ultimately your daily 10 minutes break out of your schedule to get 1000 facebook likes may be in vain. So let's read how to get rid of this situation. 

Some of the ways by which you can get followers engaged in:

• Ask questions
• Share links and give your opinion
• Run contests (even small ones)
• Ask them to share, like and comment
• Give your opinion (on a related link, topic, picture)
• Fill in the blank posts
• Picture posts (always with a description)


Use Tools and get 1000 or more Facebook likes  

Fan Page Robot allows you to generate content that are great for small businesses. 

Shortstackapp allows you to make custom pages within your facebook fanpage and run contests, get contacted, show off your other social media accounts (twitter, Pinterest). This has a free plan as well.

Klout and Edgerank Checker to measure how well your campaigns are doing on both facebook and twitter. 

And plus FPR can give lots of other exciting features. Give a try and take a free trial and with 100% money-back guarantee since you have nothing to lose in this test.