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COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Since the pandemic started in 2020, many people lost their jobs, some started work from home, and the future is still uncertain.

Nowadays, people prefer online shopping than ever. Of course, it is the safest way to get your essentials at your doorstep. Not only that, people have become more active on social media to connect with their loved ones.

Business owners have changed the way they work. With the norms of social distancing and stay at home, everything is going digital. Now more and more companies are serving their customers online, and online traffic is multiplying.

Many businesses are becoming dependent on social media advertising. So, a career in social media marketing looks more promising.

Our app is one such social media tool that helps you assist the business owners and social media marketers in revolutionizing their marketing approach.

From finding trendy content to automated sharing and monetizing the posts, the software does for you everything. The following are some of the reasons why you, too, should use this for work at home marketing.

work from home social media marketing with AI

- Generate Hashtags for Marketing by AI

When you are doing marketing remote work from home, the app will help curate the most popular trends. And one of the best ways that it works for this is through the hashtag program.

Indeed, most customers use hashtags to search for things they want to know about or advertise their products. You can help your client do so too.

After using this tool, you would get the best hashtags as per favorites, shares, and average views in one place. That would help you with focusing your client on all that the customers are into.

- Manage All Social Media Platforms

With the help of our cloud-based software, you can simultaneously handle a lot of social media accounts. You can connect many of the relevant social media platforms to include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Google My Business.

As a result, you would not lose out on uploading content and updates on any of the pages. And that would drive more viewers to a business owner's page.

Any Social Media Manager would stress the need for that. The more social media accounts you can handle, the more exposure the business owner gets.

- Automation Effects to Save Time

One of the most important aspects of good marketing plans is using automation resources. Indeed, when you are handing everything from home, there are many other activities that you have to do. Without proper help, you would be stretched thin, and that would affect your overall work.

With a range of writing styles and formats to choose from, our AI-powered content creator can create posts that are perfectly tailored to different social media platforms and audiences. From attention-grabbing headlines to eye-catching visuals, the AI can help you produce content that stands out from the crowd and drives engagement on your social media channels.

Here, automation resources are a significant boost as you can schedule the posts beforehand. Indeed, the automation service of our software is of excellent caliber, and it can handle many accounts together.

Thus, you do not have to waste lots of time scheduling the posting periods and then to upload them.

- Finds Relevant Content for your Business

Our web application comes in handy here to give you information on the main popularity points in marketing. You can understand what your clients are looking for and what subjects have higher demand.

And you can align them both quickly to shape the marketing plan properly. You can also combine all the social media posts altogether into a single article.

- Integrates Online Shopping Pages

When you work remotely, marketing jobs can get complicated, especially when you are doing everything from home to improve your client's business gains.

Instead of handling two pages, one for the product shopping and one for blogs, you can mix them.

Fan Page Robot allows that by linking the products to the blog articles. Thus, visitors can read the articles and directly click the link on the product they want to buy. That would take them to the Shopify page.

Plus, the popup campaign builder also lets you promote the Shopify account on leading websites like Youtube. Therefore, at no extra charge, the landing page and sales page integrate into one.

You do not have to handle two separate tasks, which is great for remote workers working from home.

- Handles all Google business accounts

When you are digital marketing at home, you may have to handle more than one client. With the business page app, you can link Google My Business locations with your Facebook page. That would help you post scheduled items from multiple accounts in one place. You can check the saved ones later too.

- Virtual Two-Way Content Autoposter

One of the most valuable ways to help business owners and social media managers from home is to reduce their work.

For this, the two-way Content Autoposter feature is valuable. With this, you can integrate the RSS Feeds to share posts on pages of social media.

To elaborate, you can directly auto-post important blogs or product content from the RSS feed. There is a 'Generate Content' tab where you have to add your client's website's RSS feed.

Then, click the 'Load feeds' button, generating all the content or feed from the website instantly. After that, click 'Save Feed to Content Mixer' and switch on the AutoPost feature.

Thus, Fan Page Robot would start sharing any new posts from the RSS feed to the social media pages when the social media managers or business owners upload them.

- Monetizes Posts at Home

While you are doing your social media marketing work from home, you need to think about monetizing posting. The Popup Campaign Builder features help with that.

It allows you to advertise your client's products as usual. But the campaign builder-generated URL would link it to the lead-generating forms. As a result, it would monetize the posts as the visitors would turn into shoppers.

In conclusion, our AI-powered social media content creator is the ultimate solution for remote workers looking to create high-quality, engaging social media content in a fraction of the time. With a range of features and benefits designed to help you grow your social media presence and monetize your following, there's never been a better time to try out our AI-based content creator.

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