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New Features and Updates 2023


December 14: AI Writer for Full-length Blog Articles and Social Posts

Powered by the latest version of ChatGPT, the future of content creation is here. 

AI writer for blogs and social media pages

Autopilot Content Creation in Four Easy Steps:

1. Feed the Inspiration:

  • Kick things off by generating the original content:
    • Keywords: Tell our system what your niche is. Input relevant keywords under "Generate Content" and watch it churn out fresh, high-quality content.
    • Feed the Beast: Provide your social media page URL, WordPress URL, or news feed URL, and unleash its auto-discovery powers. It'll scour these sources for content gold and even auto-post the AI-infused goodness to your social media accounts and blog sites.

2. Unleash the AI Writer:

  • Head to the "Content Mixer" and click the Settings button. 
  • Choose your desired content style in the "Rewrite Post Into" selector. From humorous to informative, pick the voice that matches your brand.
  • Control the content length with "Length In Words."
  • "Additional Prompt" becomes your secret weapon. Give the AI specific instructions, like SEO keywords or writing guidelines, to truly personalize your content.

3. Preview and Perfect:

  • Click the "Preview Results" button. Click any post and use the "AI" button for testing.

4. Sit Back and Watch the Content Flow:

  • Satisfied with the AI's handwork? Save the settings. Enable the "Autopost" option and sit back as your AI companion takes complete control, publishing fresh, engaging content on autopilot.


December 14: Post 10 Images in a Single Update using various Image Formats

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the ability to tell compelling stories through visuals has become increasingly important. Recognizing this trend, we allows users to upload up to 10 pictures in a single post. 

Moreover, our software supports many rare image formats, eliminating the need for manual conversion. For instance, it supports WebP, a modern image format that offers superior lossless and lossy compression.

While our posting tool supports up to 10 images per post, it’s important to note that some social media platforms have their own limitations. For instance, X (Twitter) currently only allows up to 4 images per tweet. Additonally, GIFs will be automatically converted to short videos on Facebook.


October 20: Undo Button

Mistakes can happen. A typo, a broken link, or an outdated image can slip through, even with the most meticulous planning. Our new Undo feature provides users with the power to retract published posts on multiple social media platforms and blogs.

This feature is designed to give users peace of mind, knowing they have the control to correct or modify their content even after it has been published. With just a click of a button, users can now remove the published content from all platforms, make necessary changes, and republish when ready. 


August 20: Post to Instagram Reels

Our social media poster software is designed to streamline your social media management. With the ability to post videos to multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can save time and ensure a consistent social media presence.

It now supports posting to Instagram Reels. This feature is perfect for creating engaging, bite-sized content that captures your audience’s attention. 


April 2: Convert Text to Emojis using AI (GPT-4)

Our AI creator tool now includes an emojis option, allowing users to convert text to fun and expressive emojis with one click. With this new feature, you can easily add emojis to your social media posts to create a touch of personality and fun to your communications.

emojis AI generator


February 20: AI-Powered Tool Enables Automated Content Creation

We just released of a groundbreaking new tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create high-quality content from your keywords.

AI-powered social media poster

With this new AI-powered tool, our users can now generate content more efficiently and quickly than ever before. We have been licensed with the most advanced algorithms to analyze and understand the context and meaning of the input and automatically generates content that is engaging, compelling, and optimized for social media.

Simply provide a few keywords or a few paragraphs, and our AI can automatically create high-quality content in the writing style you desire. The content will be ready to publish.

AI social media content

It will be a game-changer for social media managers and marketers looking to streamline their content creation process.


February 10: Automated Video Marketing on Twitter and LinkedIn

The app now has the ability to automatically create native video posts for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Additionally, we've made significant improvements in the speed of fetching videos from YouTube.

Video marketing on Twitter and LinkedIn offers several benefits, including:

  1. Increased engagement: Video content tends to be more engaging and memorable than other types of content. It can help businesses grab the attention of their target audience and hold it for longer.

  2. Improved brand awareness: Sharing videos on Twitter and LinkedIn can help businesses build their brand and increase their visibility. It can also help them reach new audiences and expand their reach.

  3. Enhanced storytelling: Videos allow businesses to tell stories in a more engaging and emotional way, which can help them connect with their audience on a deeper level.

  4. Higher conversion rates: Video content can help businesses drive more traffic to their website, generate more leads, and increase conversions. This is because videos can provide more detailed information about a product or service, and can help customers make more informed purchase decisions.

  5. Better SEO: Sharing video content on social media can help businesses improve their search engine rankings. Videos can help keep visitors on a website for longer, reducing bounce rates, which are a positive signal to search engines.

by Brantley Gilbert (Social Media Expert) on December 20, 2023
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