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Combine Multiple Social Posts Into A Blog Article

Fan Page Robot can automatically combine multiple social media posts, images, videos, news and more into one article when it auto-discovers content and autoposts it to Shopify, Blogger, Tumblr, or your Wordpress site for you. 

combine social media posts

This comes really handy when you want to :

  1. Create daily news briefings or a colletion of the most important stories of the day about your niche or certain keywords;
  2. Auto-generate the hottest trending images/videos blogs;
  3. Fill your blogs with SEO keywords;
  4. Compile a list of useful website content;
  5. Create a blog category for social listening and media aggregation, and more

The posts waiting to get combined in the queue will be labeled as "to be combined" and once they get combined, they are shown as "Combined":

combine news

The blog posts that have combined multiple posts will have the green label "COMBINED". If it has been posted, there will be a link showing in a green label like below:

combine into blog articles

You may edit the post using our visual editor if the combined post is scheduled to post and still present in the pending queue. The Youtube links are automatically converted into Youtube players. 

more facebook likes

Please note that the "Combine Posts" feature and the visual editor are only available for Shopify, Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress blog posting, since other social networks don't support HTML. 

by Brantley Gilbert (Social Media Expert) on March 1, 2019
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