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New Features and Updates 2017


December 18: Better Hashtag Auto-Generation

Hashtags are keywords or phrases you add to your posts with a # sign before them. Using them is an effective way to increase exposure for your posts and attract new followers on social media. 

In addition to the current feature, which shows you the relevant hashtags (and their stats) when you enter a hashtag by yourself, we're beta testing a new feature that can automatically generate and insert hashtags to your posts based on the picture you upload and/or the message you’ve composed. Learn More


November 9: Save Your Frequently Used Text

The message composer now comes with a feature similar to Microsoft Word's AutoText. You can save your frequently used hashtags, phrases, or just any text you want, and insert them into your message: 

save auto text


October 20: Bulk Add Posts to the Queue

New services: we are now providing Facebook page likes and followers exclusively from the US and/or the UK.

You can now select multiple posts and add them to your Scheduled Posts queue when posting from the Content Generator and Content Mixer.


July 18: Automatically Retrieve Image from Your Link

If you didn't upload an image for your post, Fan Page Robot will automatically grab a high-quality image from the web page that you are sharing.

Simply enter the URL of the news or article page that you want to share, Fan Page Robot will automatically grab a featured image from the web page, and then auto post it to your blog or any image-based social sharing sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest: 

post to pinterest


June 5: Pinterest & Tumblr Services

In recent months, we have expanded our Boost Likes services to include Pinterest and Tumblr. 

A lot of updates have been made on the existing services as well. 


March 8: Image Editor

The image editor on Fan Page Robot lets you tweak your images for everything from size, border, brightness to adding text, stickers, icons, and conversation bubbles.

This versatile post processing tool comes with layers and many customizable filtering effects that you might find on a full fledged image editing program. 


February 20: Auto Post to Shopify for SEO

1. You can autopost to your Shopify blogs to improve the SEO for your Shopify store. Similar to the Wordpress and Blogger autoposting, you can combine multiple posts into a blog article

2. Fan Page Robot now will automatically fix your picture when you post to Instagram.


January: Facebook Ad/Post Reactions & Other New Services

Voila! So, you can easily add reactions such as love, haha, wow, sad, and angry to any Facebook ads or page posts. To get started, you just need to enter your ad or post URL into the "Boost Likes" dashboard.

In the past month, we also expanded our services to Vimeo and Soundcloud. 

We always keep up with the Instagram updates as well. Our posting system is compatible with the latest version of the Instagram app. 

by Brantley Gilbert (Social Media Expert) on January 12, 2018
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