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Having more and more Google reviews will benefit a business on a number of grounds. Before finalizing a purchase (or availing a service) from a business, a consumer always wants to have satisfaction by reading the reviews consumers have left for that business on Google Places and Google Plus.

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A recent study reveals that around 88% of consumers trust online endorsements and consider them as personal recommendations. As much reviews your business has, that much trustworthy you are in the eyes of consumers. And having a higher percentage of endorsements and positive reviews on Google and social media will make up the consumers’ minds to consider you over other businesses.

Did you know that your competitors might have bought Google reviews to gain an unfair advantage over you? They might have offered their clients a discount or freebie to exchange a positive review.

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Why 5-Star Google Reviews are Important to Businesses

- Improved SEO Results

If you want to skyrocket your SEO results, 5-star Google reviews play a pivotal role. Since most of the users search for products/services through mobile devices with local intent, your business must be ranked among the top positions in Google Maps results. And this higher ranking can be acquired by having more positive Google reviews.

- Increased Credibility

A consumer review is one of the important factors that a business should look into. When a user searches for a product or service, the feedback or testimonials left by other customers are very significant to him. He/she always looks for such reviews to get more insights about the business.

The most obvious benefit with 5-star Google reviews is the enhanced credibility a business can enjoy. With more reviews, more people are going to trust your business. This will not only increase your credibility as well as it enhances your brand exposure.

- Higher CTR

When your website appears in the topmost positions in SERP, the visitor clicks on it or not. This is a crucial factor to consider and therefore you have to take measures to improve this click-through rate (i.e. CTR).
If your website appears with a huge count of positive reviews, the probability of your website getting clicked by the visitor increases. And so there is an increased chance to turn a prospect into a successful lead.

- Fix Bad Reputation

Above all, the Google reviews will give you the room to fix the reputation and make further improvements. You may receive some negative reviews but it is important to interact with those unhappy consumers in a way that you may resolve their issues they might be having with you.

Similarly, the positive reviews will also motivate you to keep improving your products/services to satisfy the consumers in future as well.

An Ultimate Software for Getting Believable Testimonials

With the mentioned advantages of positive Google reviews, its sheer significance for a business can easily be estimated. But you might be wondering how to add more positive testimonials for your business? 

Fan Page Robot is a social media marketing suites that serve users in all social media efforts. How the software can help you get 5-star Google reviews from your customers, just have a quick overview:

- 100% Original Google Reviews

The platform does not provide any kind of scam or fake reviews. You will be served with genuine and 100% original Google reviews. And these 5-star Google reviews will definitely leverage your efforts by bringing more prospects for your business.

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For a limited time only, our service starts only $9. Fan Page Robot is a highly affordable tool that allows you to get more Google and Facebook reviews at really cheap prices. Without compromising quality, the software serves small businesses on a tight budget.

You are facilitated with an offer to get just 1 review, so that you may test the quality and speed of this service.

- Hassle-Free Ways to Get More Customer Reviews

You don’t need to go through tiring procedures for getting Google reviews for your business. Fan Page Robot makes everything extremely easy for you with its user-friendly dashboard.

With such a handy and useful tool, you don’t need to waste time anywhere else. Avail this exciting feature offered by Fan Page Robot and get more positive Google reviews and social media testimonials for your business. You will witness the skyrocketing results with increased CTR and lead generation.

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