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When You Should and Should NOT Buy Social Media Likes, Followers and Video Views

Fan Page Robot enables you to easily buy real Facebook likes, followers, and similarly, the highest quality YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ followers, views and even comments at the lowest possible price.

Moreover, our system offers every service through an extremely easy process (that you cannot find anywhere else).

Just click on the Boost Likes button and enter your target URL; the system will automatically detect about the available services for that specified URL. Everything is made so handy that you can have done within two to three clicks.

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Although, we would love to get as many business as possible from you, we put your best interest before ours. Even though we always strive to provide you the most genuine and highest quality social media followers, but be advised that there are certain situations for which buying likes/followers will not bring the desired results to you.

Below we are discussing why and when should you buy such likes, followers and views, and when you should NOT do so.


Why and When Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

- Facebook Likes are Trust Signals:

The likes/followers on social channels are the Trust Signals for a business. A page with a higher number of likes/followers is considered a highly authoritative and trustworthy one. People tend to follow such businesses and share their posts as well.

So, if you have a new fan page or your fan page has very few followers, you can buy likes and followers from us to get the buzz started.

- Show Up Higher in Search Results:

When your Facebook fan page earns a good number of likes or followers, it signals the search engines (both Facebook search and Google) about your reputation and trustworthy image. This, in turn, improves your page rankings in search engines and brings the free and real organic traffic with genuine visitors.

Many of our valued customers have been regularly reporting us about their social pages that are discovered by a higher number of people after purchasing these likes. This is an evidence that how employing this trick with a little investment can benefit you with an enhanced exposure.

- Improve Your Post Engagement Rate:

"Engagement rate" of a post corresponds to the ratio of people who viewed that post, liked, shared, clicked or commented on it.

Facebook has updated its algorithm (Edge Rank) to show people (in their news feeds) the content that is highly related to their interest and may sound engaging to them. With an increased engagement rate, your content will have an increased chance of being displayed in users’ feeds.

That's why we recommend you to buy a certain amount of views, shares, and likes when you have a new video post, or a promotional post that has a lower engagement rate than the average performance of your past posts. It will bring you the potential free organic reaches and attract more engaging contributions from your community members.


Why and When Should You NOT Buy Facebook Likes?

- Un-targeted Likes Hurt Engagement Rate:

Right now, we are not offering targeted followers for each individual fan page (the feature is planned, though), the followers you bought from us will yield little engagement for your future posts. That will hurt the engagement rate of your fan page in the long run.

Instead, you should always use our industry-leading content generation features to discover and post highly enticing content to your fan pages. This is the only and the best way to improve the organic engagement of your posts.

- Poor Lead Generation:

Due to the un-targeted likes/followers you purchased from us, it is not possible to convert them into regular customers.

In this regard, Fan Page Robot serves you with the powerful Campaign Builder to generate targeted leads, and it is absolutely free. But if you ever want to pay money to get targeted leads, it is highly recommended to set up Facebook ads.

Facebook ads might be an expensive option, if you are not an expert in lowering the CPC or CPM while running Facebook campaigns. We will provide a service for you to get the low-cost targeted likes from Facebook in the near future.

- Acquiring Likes From An Unreliable Source:

You may find many other websites or resources selling likes/followers. But most of them provide you with fake likes and they come with no warranty. Furthermore, the likes you purchase from them are not long-term as Facebook searches for the fake accounts or users and bans them on a regular basis.

Although Facebook does not impose any restriction (nor bans any fan page) on buying likes, but obtaining likes/followers from such ill-reputed vendors may drop your likes dramatically overnight and will hurt your fan page from many respects.

But Fan Page Robot assures you to serve with real likes at an unbeatable low price. We also always over-deliver the likes in case of any natural drop.


Why and When Should You Buy YouTube Views/Subscribers?

- Higher Rankings in Search Engines:

Google prefers the videos with more views. The videos with a higher number of views and shares are ranked on top positions in search engines as well as in YouTube.

Fan Page Robot provides you with high-retention Youtube views, which means the viewers will watch 60%-100% of your video. This will further increase your brand’s exposure with greater visibility. So, whenever you have a new video, try our service and enjoy the real SEO benefits.

- Social Proof:

A video on YouTube is characterized mainly by its number of views. Most often, people go for the video that has a higher count of views and shares. When people browse videos on YouTube, they will come across that video as authoritative (suggested by YouTube) having higher views.

- Increased Exposure:

Just like views, the number of subscribers of a YouTube channel influences a brand’s exposure greatly. Any user will like to subscribe to the channel or user that has already a huge number of subscribers because sharing their videos will be visible to a large audience.

This preliminary benefit makes this aspect significant one for a business to have more views and subscribers on YouTube. Most of our packages are devised to cater you with real views, shares, likes, and comments.


Why and When Should You NOT Buy YouTube Views/Subscribers?

- Untargeted Subscribers:

Although, there are a very few downsides of buying Youtube views, you need to be aware of the fact that the purchased subscribers for YouTube videos result in a greater irrelevant audience. Your subscribers are not your target audience or far off your origin country.


Why and When Should You Buy Instagram Followers/Likes?

- Quick Exposure:

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks and having an active presence on this media gives a rapid exposure to your business. You can earn a quick popularity by having a huge number of followers on your page as well as more likes and shares on images.

Realizing this fact, we offer reliable services through which you can acquire real and active followers for your Instagram profile. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a rapid exposure for your brand.

- Authority Figure in Target Industry:

Having more likes and followers on Instagram becomes essential these days. When you have more likes on images and a huge fan following, you will be reflected as an authority figure of the target industry.

Having a dominance in relevant niche paves the way for bringing real audience and customers to your brand. And that is the reason more people will start following you and sharing your images virally.

- More Followers with Trending Stuff:

To acquire genuine followers on an Instagram profile is the top most priority while gaining enhanced exposure. As much followers you have, your stuff is likely to be shared and liked on a wide scale. A combination of more followers with trending (and interesting) stuff sharing will lead you to a tremendous user engagement. And you will have the perks of qualified leads as well.


Why and When Should You Not Buy Instagram Followers/Likes?

- Low User Engagement

Although we provide you with the real and active Instagram followers, they may not be your target audience. You won’t generate the same results that you can earn with organic workout. 

The solution? With Fan Page Robot’s industry-leading social content curation and posting platform, you have a handy solution to post great images to your Instagram profile without your mobile app. Such trending and viral images will let you earn organic followers rapidly.



Use Fan Page Robot's content curation and auto posting features to post great content to your social accounts. With such a compelling and engaging stuff, you can easily get more free organic views, likes, and followers. However, our Boost Likes service is a quick way to build up a fanbase and establish a trustworthy and well reputed image of your brand. And that will continuously bring you more free likes, followers and video views.

by Brantley Gilbert (Social Media Expert) on June 1, 2016
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