Add A Subaccount

A Subaccount is an independent Fan Page Robot account that has its own login credential and settings, while the main account user can manage all of the subaccount's posts and slide into it with one-click.

Create a Subaccount When You Want to

  • add another Facebook account to be managed by Fan Page Robot
  • create a new Fan Page Robot account for your client and manage his/her social media accounts without asking for any login credentials
  • create a new Fan Page Robot account for your coworker or assistant and would like him/her to submit posts for review before posting
More About Subaccount
  • A subaccount encompasses all the features that a regular account has
  • A subaccount can be converted into a regular account and vice versa
  • The user of a subaccount can choose the fan pages that can be managed by Fan Page Robot
  • The user can send posts to you for review and approval
  • The user can have his/her own subaccounts
  • You can slide into any of your subaccounts with one click, but you won’t be allowed to change their passwords or post to their personal walls on Facebook when you are using the slide-in mode.
  • You can view all the posts scheduled by your subaccounts or team members on your dashboard
  • You can push your page settings to all of your subaccount users with one click
  • You can receive an email notification at your preferred frequency after your team users publish posts or submit posts for review.
  • You can disable your subaccount users to edit or publish the posts that are created by you

Please login first. You will be able to create a subaccount or make an existing account your subaccount.